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Belgian Malinois Husky Mix – A Complete Profile 2023

Welcome to the exciting world of the Belgian Malinois Husky Mix, better known as Belusky. If you are looking for a smart, loyal, and energetic dog, this special breed is for you!

This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about the Belusky dog, including its fascinating characteristics, temperament, and care requirements. We will give you all the information you need to understand, raise, and love this amazing hybrid breed.

The Belusky puppies combine two of the world’s most distinguished breeds: the Belgian Malinois and the Siberian Husky. These two dogs have much in common, from their stunning appearance and amazing intellect to their unwavering loyalty and versatility. 

Keep reading this guide as we explore the world of a Belgian husky mix. 

What is a Belgian Malinois Husky Mix

Belgian Malinois Husky Mix is an exciting hybrid breed from a cross between a Belgian Malinois and a Siberian Husky. The Belusky, as a designer dog, is a fascinating combination of two very different and well-known breeds, each with unique characteristics that make it an extraordinary dog companion.

The combination of these two remarkable breeds creates a fascinating array of features. Beluskies often inherit a combination of physical characteristics from both parent breeds. 

History Of Husky Belgian Malinois Mix

The Belgian husky mix is a breed of dog that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the rise of designer dogs. Like most hybrid dogs, the Belusky’s origins and early history may not be as clear as its parent breeds.

Understanding the history of both the Belusky and Siberian Husky breeds can provide insight into the characteristics and traits that the Belusky may possess.

Origin and History of a Belgian Malinois 

Belgian malinois husky mix

“Belgium Malinois” is derived from the name “Malines” in Belgium, which refers to the city of Malines. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, breeders and working competitors first developed Malinois.

Initially, these dogs were used as cattle dogs and sheep herders on Belgian farms. However, they soon began to be used as military and law enforcement service dogs. 

The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognised these dogs as a breed 1959. 

Origin and History of a Siberian Husky 

The Siberian Husky is a medium-sized, thickly-coated, compact sledge dog with great endurance. It was bred to travel in packs, dragging light loads across vast, unfrozen terrain at low speeds. 

Its origins are in Siberia. The Chucchi nomads in northeastern Asia developed this dog breed. Their stamina and energy level earned them a place in Chukchi society. 

They are friendly and dignified dogs. They have almond-shaped eyes that can be brown or blue, sometimes one or both.

In 1930, the American Kennel Club recognized the Siberian Husky as a breed. 

Appearance and size of Belgian Malinois Husky Mix 

The husky Belgian malinois mix cross dog depicts a unique and stunning appearance, influenced by the traits of his parents. Not all Beluskies have the same appearance. 

Instead, their appearances may differ depending on their genetic inheritance. These are some common features you will often see in Beluskies.


The Belgian Malinois Husky mix size typically ranges from medium to large. Their size can differ depending on their parent breed. 

They have a strong body that reflects their background as working dogs, renowned for their agility and strength. This dog stands 23 to 25 inches tall at the shoulders.


The eyes are usually one of the most distinguishing features of the Belusky dog. They often inherit the beautiful blue eyes of the Siberian Husky. These blue eyes match the colour of Beluskie’s coat very well. 

Some Belgian malinois husky mix may have darker brown or amber eyes like the Belgian Malinois.


Belgian malinois husky mix typically has erect, pointed ears, similar to those of the Belgian Malinois. They can have medium to large ears, making them more alert and watchful.

Coat and Colour Variations 

The coats of the Belusky can be very different, as the Belgian Malinois and the Siberian Husky have distinct coats with varying textures and colours. 

For example, the Belusky dog can have a short, thick, and straight coat, while the Siberian Husky has a thick, double-layered, and fluffy coat.

Beluskies inherit a variety of colours from both of their parent breeds. The most common colours of Beluskies are tan, black, and grey. 


As for their tail, it can be long and bushy like the Siberian Husky’s or straight and tapered like the German Shepherd.


A Belgian malinois husky mix is typically between 40 and 80 pounds in weight. Depending on the individual dog’s size and genetics, an adult Beluskie can weigh anywhere from 40 to 80 pounds. 

Some Beluskies fall outside this weight range, particularly if they lean more toward one parent breed’s size than another. 

Behaviour and Temperament Of Belgian Malinois Mix With Husky.

Belgian Malinois Husky mix temperament can be a combination of the personality traits of the Malinois and the Husky. 

They are friendly, active, intelligent, and easier to train due to the Malinois genes. On the Husky side, they are affectionate, independent, friendly, and well-socialized with people and dogs of all ages. 

To prevent problems as they mature, introduce a Belgian Malinois Husky mix puppy to other people early in life.  

Training and Exercise Requirements 


Beluskies love to learn everything that comes their way. Learning new things would be easy for them, like husky bulldog mix. Getting them to settle down, especially at a young age, can be challenging. 

Beluskies are very energetic and full of energy. Their brains and bodies are constantly active, so keeping them calm and active is important. 

When training your Belgian Malinois Husky mix, you should focus on positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, rather than harsh punishments. 

Furthermore, you should show him that you are his master and leader. This is because some Beluskies have an alpha complex, thinking they are the boss. 

If you need help training a Belusky dog or how to do it yourself, consult a professional trainer specializing in Belusky training. 

You will learn alongside them, and they will help you develop a strong bond with your pup.


Like other active dogs, a Belgian Malinois Husky also requires regular exercise of at least two hours daily. They possess tremendous energy; they must jump and run to burn off energy. 

If you love jogging and running, the Belusky dog can accompany you. These dogs enjoy outdoor activities. 

On the contrary, he will develop destructive behaviours if you do not give him the exercise he needs. Hence, you should take him for walks daily.  

Caring Requirements 

These are the care requirements of a husky Belgian malinois mix:

Dietary Considerations

What type of diet is best for your energetic Belusky? Your energetic Belusky requires a diet that keeps up with their energy levels. Choose a diet enriched with protein and calories for your furry friend. 

Add a wet food option as a topping to make your Belusky’s meals even more appealing. Wet food helps your Belusky stay hydrated and has a high protein content, which benefits your dog’s health.

When you have a Belgian Malinois Husky mix, it is important to provide proper nourishment to support his growth. Your puppy’s muscles, bones, skin, and coat require proper nourishment to keep him strong and healthy. 

Two meals a day should be sufficient for your adult Belusky.

Grooming Needs 

You should also take care of your Belgian Malinois Husky mix grooming routines. Belusky dogs shed a lot because both parent breeds, Malinois and Husky, have double coats, which means they shed more hair. 

Brushing your Belusky several times a week is best to keep shedding under control. Daily brushing is best, but if impossible, you can brush them every other day.

You can also use a De-shedding tool to remove your Belusky’s undercoat. It will remove loose or dead hair that a regular brush would not reach. 

Remember, you should use this tool sparingly. It can irritate your dog’s skin.

Aside from shedding, your Belusky only requires a little maintenance. You do not need to worry about giving your Belusky a fancy haircut or expensive grooming. 

You only need to clean his ears, trim his nails, and comb his fur. This will help keep your Belusky looking tidy and comfortable while you spend quality time with him.

Health Concerns and Preventive Care 

Both Malinois and Huskies are generally healthy breeds. However, Belusky can also inherit health problems from both parents. This means they may face various health issues, but it does not necessarily mean they will.

Buying from a good breeder is the best way to increase your chances of getting a healthy Belusky. A reputable breeder tests the health of both Malinois parents and Huskies.

Responsible breeder puts the health and well-being of their puppies first. By choosing a reputable breeder, you can ensure your Belusky will be happy and healthy for the rest of their lives.

These are some of the most common health issues faced by this breed:

  • Zinc deficiency
  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Skin problems 
  • Hypothyroidism 

You should consult your vet regularly if your pup suffers from these diseases. 

Belgian Malinois Husky mix price

The location of the breeder, the dog’s pedigree, the breed’s standard, and the level of local demand for the particular hybrid all affect the price of a Belusky puppy.

Designer dog breeds like the Belusky tend to cost more than purebred dogs because they are unique and popular. On average, a Belusky puppy costs between $800 and $2000.

Belgian Malinois Husky mix lifespan.

A Belgian Malinois Husky mix lives 12–14 years on average. 


Can you mix a Belgian Malinois with a Siberian Husky?

Yes, you can mix a Belgian Malinois with a Siberian Husky. This crossbreed is also called a Belusky. This designer breed results from breeding a Belgian Malinois with a Husky. This breed can inherit key traits from both parents. 

How big does the Belgian Malinois Husky mix get?

The size of a Belgian Malinois husky mix dog depends on the traits he inherits from the parent breed. Generally, a Belusky dog stands 20–26 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 35–60 pounds. 


The Belgian Malinois husky mix is a unique breed that combines the best of both parent breeds: a Belgian Malinois and a Husky. In this guide, we have looked at what makes the Belusky so special and what makes it so desirable.

Belusky has a striking appearance and a dynamic personality. This dog breed is also intelligent, loyal, and full of energy. 

We have looked into Belusky’s care requirements, from regular exercise and mental stimulation to proper nutrition. With proper care, the Belusky will become a beloved and loyal companion that will enrich your life with love and memories for years.

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