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07 Best Dog Harness for Hiking in 2023

The best part about hiking with your dog is that it is a great way to spend quality time together. Whether exploring new trails or conquering challenging terrain, you will want to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable, and enjoying the experience.

When it comes to hiking gear, a good dog harness is not just an accessory. It is an essential tool for keeping your dog safe, moving freely, and having a great time.

This guide will help you make an informed decision. We have put together a list of the best dog harness for hiking that are available on the market because of their true quality.

Each harness has its own unique features, design, and functionality, so you can find the best hiking harness for dogs and take your outdoor adventures to the next level. So let the journey begin!

Best Dog Harness For Hiking – Top Choices!

Here’s a list of best dog harnesses for hiking!

1. Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness for Hiking and Training | Customizable Fit

The bright style of the Ruffwear dog harness is designed with a removable metal buckle on the neck. The buckle can be opened up and fastened around the neck.

The chest part of this harness can be easily fastened and removed from the neck with the help of two quick-release buckles.

The flexible strap on this dog harness prevents your dog from suffocating when being pulled. This ensures that the force is evenly distributed throughout the harness.

There are four adjustable sliding straps on the harness’s neck and chest parts that can be adjusted to the correct tightness.

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

Ruffwear Front Range Dog Harness

The no-pull dog harness has high-brightness reflective lines on all edges and on the sliding straps. The reflective lines provide good visibility in the dark and improve safety.

Not only does the bright Aurora Teal colour add a touch of elegance to your dog’s hiking outfit, but it also makes him stand out against the backdrop of nature.

In brief, it is the perfect combination of comfort, training ability, durability, and versatility that will allow you and your dog to enjoy hiking together.


ColorAurora Teal
Superb construction provides top comfort for your petIf used regularly, the front clip may start fraying
Easy to put on the dog; minimises chafing
Perfect for narrow-neck dogs
Machine washable

2. Blue-9 Fully Customizable No-Pull Dog Harness: Ideal for Hiking

With a 6-point adjustment, the Blue-9 hiking harness is designed to fit your dog comfortably and securely. This adjustable harness is perfect for dogs of any size and breed.

It allows your dog to move freely throughout the day. It is designed to give your dog full freedom of movement without restricting it. The design does not choke or chafe, so it will not restrict your dog’s mobility during hiking.

Customizable No-Pull Dog

Customizable No-Pull Dog Harness

Its design resembles a necklace, so your dog can move freely on the front limb. The front clip on the neck allows you to fasten the harness on like a collar, which is great for dogs who do not like to have a harness over their heads or for dogs with a larger head.

This escape-free harness has multiple points where you can attach your dog’s leash. Therefore, it is regarded as the best dog harness for hiking, with numerous attachable points. It has rings at both the front and rear of the harness. You can use whichever helps you manage to pull it off best.


Buckle TypeBuckle
Comfortable harness without too much weightThe top and bottom straps are excessively lengthy
Superb product for safe shoulder movements
Sleek design with dog-friendly ergonomics
Can be adjusted easily as your pup grows.

3. Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness for Hiking | Made with Breathable Air Mesh Material

Best Pet Supplies’ all-weather mesh harness is designed for small to medium-sized dogs and provides a comfortable fit. The innovative all-weather mesh design of the Voyager step-in air dog harness allows air to flow freely, keeping your dog cool even on warm days.

The breathable fabric keeps your dog cool on those uphill climbs and forest trails. It is simple and easy to use. You only need to place your dog’s paws through the appropriate openings and tighten the harness around his torso. That’s it!

The Voyager step-in Air Harness in X-Large is designed for bigger dogs to fit snugly and securely. The adjustable straps allow you to customise the fit to your dog’s needs, so he will not slip.

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

Voyager Step-In Air Dog Harness

The hook & loop fasteners, buckles, and double D-ring fasteners combine to provide your pet with three layers of protection.

This harness will withstand the harsh conditions of the climate, whether you are hiking on rocky trails or muddy trails. With its sturdy construction and premium materials, you can easily take your dog on amazing adventures.

Fuchsia is the perfect colour for your hiking buddy. Not only will it make your pet stand out, but it will also increase his personality.


BrandBest Pet Supplies
PatternMatching Trim
MaterialAir Mesh
Well-made harness with reinforced materialsSome users faced sizing inconsistency issues
It fits perfectly on the dog
Its double rings work perfectly with a seatbelt strap
Velcro and a closure clip enhanced the security level

Look also at Hiking Dog Harness with Handle

i. Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness for Hiking | Highly Durable and Easy to Use

The Eagloo dog harness is perfect for your pup! It is easy to put on and take off with two snap buckles, and it is adjustable with four sliders at your dog’s chest and neck. All you need to do is slip it over your pup’s head, fasten it, and adjust the straps, and you are good to go.

This harness stops your dog from pulling, giving you more control during your hike and making it more enjoyable for you and your dog. The front clip and two metal rings provide several attachment points for your dog’s leash, so you can choose the best one for different hiking conditions and terrain.

Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness

Eagloo No-Pull Dog Harness

Additionally, it has reflective material, so you can see your pup better at night. It is made of strong Nylon cloth with reinforced stitching to last a long time. The two metal rings can handle strong pulling forces.

The built-in handle lets you lead your dog and help them over obstacles to make hiking trails easier. The bright orange colour makes your hikes more visible and stylish, while the practical design meets the needs of your adventurous dog.

This harness can accommodate a chest circumference of 15 to 35.4 inches. It is suitable for the following breeds: 1) Boxers, 2) German Shepherds, 3) Labradors, 4) Huskies, 5) Golden Retrievers, 6) Bulldogs, and 7) American Pitbull Terriers

Overall, it is the ultimate option for people who are in search of a great hiking dog harness with handle.


Durable construction; fits wellNot recommended for chewers
Super easy to wear/remove/adjust
Its front clip avoids the dog’s pulling behaviour
Comfortable to wear

ii. ThinkPet Breathable and Adjustable Hiking Dog Harness with Handle

Made of premium Nylon, this hiking vest harness is durable. It has a no-pull design. This front D-ring corrects the pulling behaviour of dogs with a tendency to rush forward.

When your dog is in a fierce rush, pulling the leash will cause it to turn in your direction. This will gradually change your dog’s tendency to rush forward.

The D-ring on the back can also be fastened with the leash. This harness is perfect for daily walking, jogging, running, and hiking.

ThinkPet Breathable and Adjustable

ThinkPet Breathable and Adjustable

Most importantly, this vest harness has a wide back handle that lets you easily control your dog in emergencies.

On the other hand, the flexible strap on this harness prevents your dog from suffocating. This ensures that the force is evenly distributed throughout the harness.

There are four adjustable sliding straps on the harness’s neck and chest parts that can be adjusted to the correct tightness.

This dog outdoor harness has high-brightness reflective lines on all edges and the sliding straps. The reflective lines provide good visibility in the dark and improve safety.


ColorNeon Green
Made with thick and stiff fabricA little bit bulky for small dogs
It is very easy to adjust to the perfect size
Ideal for pullers on the hiking
The handle on the top is powerful and useful

4. Annchwool Soft Padded Hiking Harness for Small and Large Dogs | Two Rings Design

Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind, this product stands out as the best dog harness for hiking. This harness is perfect for small, medium, and large dogs. It ensures that your dog stays safe on the trail.

It is designed with a quick-fit system, so you can slide it over the dog’s head and fasten it easily. You will no longer have to struggle with complicated straps and buckles. The harness is also escape-proof, so your dog will not slip out.

Soft Padded Hiking Harness

Soft Padded Hiking Harness

The soft padding ensures your dog does not chafe or feel uncomfortable during the hike. In this way, your pup will stay happy and energetic throughout the long hike. The back and chest straps are made of soft and breathable material that is comfortable for your dog.

The front strap is designed better to prevent your dog from running forward on adventures. This design will keep your dog comfortable for a long time.

This no-pull dog harness comes in 4 sizes. Measuring your dog and referring to the dimension chart before buying would be best.


Heavy-duty harness; easy to adjustStraps are excessively wide
Easy to put on & take off
Easy to adjust
Durable & easy to wash

5. Ruffwear Padded Dog Harness for Adventures with a Customised Fit

The Ruffwear dog harness is here to make your adventures comfortable. It offers a wide range of features that meet the needs of all outdoor enthusiasts and their dogs.

With its lightweight yet sturdy construction, it is ready for all-day adventures. One of the best features is the dual leash attachment point. The reinforced chest webbing is designed to withstand pulling, giving you more control over your pup’s movement.

Another superb feature is the aluminium V-ring on the back, giving you an extra leash attachment option.

Ruffwear Padded Dog Harness

Ruffwear Padded Dog Harness

The harness also includes foam pads across your dog’s chest and belly, making it the best hiking harness for dogs. With four adjustment points, finding the perfect fit for your pup is easy.

The harness takes visibility to another level with bright and easy-to-identify fabric. With reflective trim, you will stand out from the crowd, keeping your dog safe during daytime and nighttime adventures.

In brief, it is a top-quality dog hiking harness for large and small dogs that offers ultimate comfort to your dog.


ColorTwilight Grey
The padded design makes it comfortable to wear during hikingNot a chew-proof harness
Dual leash attachment points for versatile control
Easy to put on and take off
The reinforced front attachment eliminates the dog’s pulling behaviour

Best Hiking Dog Harness With Pockets – Top 2 Picks

Hiking with your dog is one of the best things you can do for your furry friend. Having the right hiking gear can make hiking with your dog even better.

The below-mentioned hiking harnesses with pockets are designed for hiking enthusiasts. They are a great combination of hiking harnesses and backpacks and they are the best adventure dog harness

i. OneTigris Backpack Dog Harness with Pockets: Ideal for Hiking

It is not just a dog harness but also a versatile backpack. With its innovative design, your dog can carry some of his own supplies, making your hikes easier and more enjoyable.

The OneTigris backpack harness has plenty of side pockets for small items like treats, trash bags, collapsible water bowls, keys, and even your phone. The side pockets keep everything within reach while you are on the trail.

With its adjustable straps, you do not need to worry about chafing or discomfort during your long walks. Your pet can wear it for long periods of time. It is made of durable Nylon to stand up to the toughest conditions.

OneTigris Backpack Dog Harness

OneTigris Backpack Dog Harness

No matter the time of day, other hikers can see both you and your dog thanks to the reflective strip on the backpack.

To cut a long story short, it is an amazing hiking dog harness with pockets that is easy to put on and take off. Say goodbye to buckles and complicated adjustments; just slip it on, and you are ready to go.


Military tactical design harnessThe dog needs to be snugly tucked in it
Easy to adjust
Lightweight and perfect for long hikes
Spacious pockets provide easy storage for essentials

ii. Forestpaw Tactical Dog Harness with Pockets and Leash Set | High Adjustability

The Forestpaw tactical dog harness with pockets is a must-have for your dog’s hiking needs. Designed for comfort and convenience, this harness combines the best of both worlds.

It comes with strategically placed pockets to hold all your hiking essentials, whether they are dog bowls or keys. This eliminates the need for extra bags and allows you to keep your hands free while you enjoy your hike.

What really sets this harness apart from the rest is the integrated backpack. With the backpack feature, you can easily carry larger items such as water bottles, snacks, and even your first aid kit. This feature makes it the best hiking harness for dogs.

Forestpaw Tactical Dog Harness

Forestpaw Tactical Dog Harness

This dog camping harness has adjustable straps that can be adjusted to fit your dog’s size and shape, so you do not have to worry about chafing or discomfort.

The Forestpaw’s harness is made of durable materials to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a complementary leash.


PatternCoyote Brown
MaterialNylon, Cotton, and mesh
ColorCoyote Brown
Built to withstand rugged outdoor activitiesThe leash connection stitching needs reinforcement
Provides sufficient storage for hiking essentials
Customizable for your pup’s comfort and size
Bungee Dog Leash provides shock absorption

6. PoyPet Choke-Free and Breathable Mesh Hiking Harness for Dogs | Customizable Fit

The PoyPet dog harness has two quick-release buckles that make it easy to fasten and take off. Simply slide it over your pup’s head, buckle up, and adjust the straps.

The dual elastic construction of the belly straps of this harness provides more comfort and helps absorb jerks. This helps reduce strain during hiking.

With this reflective harness, you do not have to worry about your dog choking on anything. The harness’s design is choke-free, so your dog will not feel any discomfort around his neck.

PoyPet Choke-Free and Breathable

PoyPet Choke-Free and Breathable

This harness is made from soft, breathable mesh that promotes air circulation and keeps your dog from overheating. Therefore, it has become a top choice for people who are in search of the best dog harness for hiking.

It has everything you have been looking for a choke-free feature, double padded comfort, an adjustable fit, breathable fabric, and reflective safety. Choose the PoyPet reflective mesh dog harness for your ultimate hiking partner and ensure a comfortable and safe journey for your dog.


MaterialSoft Padded Cushion, Breathable Mesh, Metal D-Ring
Ideal for hiking and trainingA little heavyweight
Reinforced dual elastic construction for more comfort
Four clips enable a customised fit
Easily adjusted

7. Timos No-Pull Dog Harness for Adventures | 4 Adjustable Straps for a Customised Fit

The Timos dog harness is designed to be easily put on and removed, featuring three snap buckles (one on the neck and two on the chest). This eliminates the need to go over the dog’s head, allowing him to enjoy wearing the harness.

Additionally, two metal leash rings are included for safe hiking, and the chest attachment clip prevents pulling.

This best adventure dog harness is ideal for pups who tend to pull. Additionally, the back strap is ideal for casual walks, jogging, and hiking.

Timos No-Pull Dog Harness

Timos No-Pull Dog Harness

The slide adjusters on the chest and neck can be used to customise the fit of the harness, allowing for a perfect fit with some room for growth.

Its soft sponge padding plate prevents injuries. It provides extra comfort and protection for your dog with enhanced 1680D Oxford Fabric.


MaterialBreathable Mesh, Nylon, 1680D Oxford
ColorSunset Valley
Anti-pulling designHeavy for small dogs
Easy to put on with three snap buckles
Softly padded for extra comfort
Durable Oxford material for long-lasting use

Closing Remarks

The journey through 2023’s top dog hiking harness options has revealed a wide variety of features and benefits to meet the needs of dogs and their owners alike. From durable construction to comfortable fits, sleek designs, and improved safety features, these dogs’ hiking harnesses have proven their worth.

All these options offer a perfect balance of function and style, whether you are looking for the best dog harness for Hiking for rugged trails or vast meadows.

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