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Best Basset Hound Harness in 2023!

Basset Hounds have floppy ears and a distinctive jowly face. They are great family dogs because they have the chilliest personalities. They are so patient that if your little ones poke and prod them, they will not snap back.

They are like teddy bears, so they are great for families with children. They love being around people and will follow you around, wagging their tails and giving you lots of love.

Who would not want a furry friend like that?

Training Basset Hounds can be a great bonding adventure for the whole family. They are healthy dogs. It is one of the most important things you can do as a responsible pet owner, and the right harness can make all the difference.

Therefore, you should find the best harness for Basset Hound on the market. If you are looking for the perfect Basset Hound Harness, we have got you covered!

We have made a list of the nine best harnesses based on our research and analysis. Let’s take a look at them one by one!

The Best Harness for Basset Hounds that will make walking a breeze! Top 9 picks

Boost your Basset Hound’s walking experience with these harnesses:

1. TrueLove Dog Basset Hound Harness – Ideal for Outdoor Adventures

The TrueLove harness is a top-of-the-line harness designed for Basset Hounds. It offers exceptional features tailored to meet the particular needs of this pet.

Basset Hounds are best known for their pulling abilities. With that in mind, this no-pull harness was designed. With a front attachment point. This point redirects his pulling force towards the side, enhancing controlled walks.

If you have trouble getting your dog to behave on a leash, this feature can help. Most importantly, it is equipped with reflective stitching, maximizing your pet’s visibility at night.

TrueLove Dog Basset Hound Harness

TrueLove Dog Basset Hound Harness

This harness is perfect for their adventurous spirit. It is made from Nylon that will stand up to tough outdoor conditions. The XL size of this harness is designed specifically for Basset Hounds with a unique body structure.

It provides a comfortable and secure fit that will keep your Basset Hounds in place during activities. It also comes with a matching puppy vest.

This allows you to easily transition your puppy to larger sizes in the same harness line as he grows.


BrandTrue Love
Material Nylon
Color Grass Green
Size Multiple
Scratch-resistant Oxford material layer Thickly Padded
3M reflective material enhances visibility at night
Lightweight duraflex buckles improve tensile strength 
Soft sponge padding & mesh lining makes it comfortable 

2. Ruffwear No Pull Dog Harness for Basset Hounds | Reflective Padded

This RUFFWEAR product is regarded as the best harness for Basset Hound and is available in Large/X-Large sizes.

The shining trim on the Twilight Grey harness improves visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring your pet stays visible and safe during evening walks.

The harness is also padded for your dog’s comfort. It has a front attachment point that prevents pulling by shifting the dog’s power to the side, resulting in greater control and more delightful walks for your pet.

Ruffwear No Pull Dog Harness

Ruffwear No Pull Dog Harness

The harness has adjustable straps for a safe and adaptable fit for Basset Hounds. This design ensures that the harness fits tightly, reducing irritation or chafing while allowing for a full range of motion.

Basset Hounds are energetic pets that like going on adventures outside. The RUFFWEAR harness is made of premium, durable components that are meant to handle tough activities and last for a long time.

In addition, it has a simple-to-use design with two side-release buckles for quick on/off transitions. The fast and secure buckle mechanism keeps the harness in place.


Material Aluminum
Color Twilight Grey
Size Multiple
Comfortable foam-padded constructionNot good for some specific breeds, such as French Bulldogs 
2 leash attachment points ensure safety
Adjustable straps and buckles make putting on and taking off the harness easy
Excellent for walking, hiking, and running

3. 2 Hounds Design Adjustable & Comfortable Control Dog Harness | Made in USA

The 2 Hounds Design pet products are well-liked by both dogs and their owners. The Swiss Velvet lining with four adjustment points on this harness is designed to minimize rubbing.

Its adaptable style makes it suitable for pets of all sizes. With its Swiss Velvet lining and four adjustment points, this harness is comfortable to wear and use.

The 2 Hounds Design anti-pull dog walking harness can improve your walks with your dog by giving you more control and keeping him safe and comfortable.

Comfortable Control Dog Harness

Comfortable Control Dog Harness

With these two adjustment points, you can achieve better outcomes in dog training. The front structural connection ring allows you to redirect your dog.

On the other hand, the innovative control loop tightens around your pet’s chest.

This harness sits below the trachea, preventing gagging and choking. To cut a long story short, the 2 Hounds Design harness is an amazing product for your beloved pet.


Brand2 Hounds Design
Material Velvet 
Color Black
Size Multiple
Superb Nylon webbing and stainless steel hardware constructionThe handle isn’t very comfortable 
Its martingale loop creates a uniform pressure to prevent pulling
A perfectly adjustable fit makes escaping harder
Swiss Velvet lined chest straps prevent rubbing. 

4. Embark Urban Basset Hound Harness with Front & Back Control Handle

Embark Pets manufactures reliable dog gear. This no-pull dog harness is perfect for keeping your pup safe and comfortable. This big dog harness is made from tough Oxford material and has reflective strips.

This Basset Hound harness has two attachment points – one for the front and one for the back – so you can keep an eye on your pup.

Embark Urban Basset Hound Harness

Embark Urban Basset Hound Harness

The front clip attachment is great for pups that pull since it redirects their force. It can handle more than 130 pounds of force! It is padded for extra comfort, and the lining is soft, so it would not rub against your pet’s skin.

The straps can be adjusted for a custom fit, and it has a handle so you can help your pup up or down the stairs. It comes in various sizes, making it the best harness for Basset Hound of all sizes.


BrandEmbark Pets
Material Oxford
Color Aurora
Size Multiple
Innovative design pattern, perfect for fit sizingSizing mismatch issues for users who don’t follow sizing instructions 
Helps you reduce the pulling behavior of your pet
Reflective strips make your pet safe at night
Padded for extra comfort 

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5. Bark Appeal Step-In Harness with heavy-Duty Buckles for a Secure Fit

Introducing another best dog harness for Basset Hounds that ensures safety and a custom fit for your pet: The Bark Appeal Step-In Harness, which keeps pets comfortable during walks.

Its adjustable buckles enable you to create a customized fit for your Basset Hound. With its outstanding no-choke design, this harness makes sure that there is no pressure on your pup’s neck and body. It distributes the pressure equally across his body, preventing choking.

Furthermore, the buckles, strong straps, and D-rings provide your pup with an extra layer of security.

Bark Appeal Step-In Harness

Bark Appeal Step-In Harness

Most importantly, you can adjust this harness easily. Simply use the neck straps and chest straps to achieve the perfect fit for your pet.

You do not need to panic about slipping out of its tailor-made design. It is padded with a soft cushion, so your pup’s skin will remain protected.

The lightweight mesh lining on the harness keeps him cool during walks. In simple words, it is the best harness for Basset Hound dogs that combines comfort and safety for your pet.


Material Mesh
Color Yellow
Size XL
Its non-pulling feature prevents choking and pullingSome users face sizing issues
Sturdy padding and breathable material construction 
Easy to wear and adjust – quick-snap buckles
 Adjustable positions on the chest area

6. Air Frontier Basset Hound No-Pull Harness with Steel Leash D-Ring

If you love being active with your Basset Hound, the Air Frontier harness is exactly what you need. It is designed to support walking with your dog.

Compared to other heavy-duty canvas harnesses, it is made of breathable material, making it a lightweight harness. As a result, your pet will remain cool and comfortable during outdoor strolling.

This cute dog harness is designed to fit small, medium, and large Basset Hounds.

Air Frontier Basset Hound No-Pull Harness

Air Frontier Basset Hound No-Pull Harness

Its adjustable neck and chest straps allow you to customize the fit for your pet. The D-ring is a strong stainless-steel ring that gives you more control over your dog.

You can easily attach and remove the leash while maintaining stability and control. So say goodbye to pulling!

Another feature that makes this product the best dog harness for basset hounds is the inclusion of a sturdy handle. If you have a small pup, you can use this handle to lift and carry your pet.


BrandBest Pet Supplies
Material Mesh
Color Blue
Size Multiple
The finest mesh breathability designFitting may cause issues if you don’t measure your pet
Strong steel leash D-ring attachment for ultimate control
Short yet powerful handle for easy lifting
Available in seven appealing colors

7. Carhartt No-Pull Dog Harness | Built with Comfy Cushioning

The Carhartt adjustable dog harness has been designed to provide both control and convenience while walking your Basset Hound.

This strong on-leash training harness has two connection points: one on the back for regular walks and one on the chest for additional control, which will help you deal with pulling issues.

Carhartt No-Pull Dog Harness

Carhartt No-Pull Dog Harness

It has comfortable padding and is made of powerful duck fabric that can handle tough activities. In addition, reflective stitching ensures your dog’s safety in low-light circumstances.

It is made up of a sturdy and long-lasting synthetic material. It enables your pets to embark on any journey without fear. This Carhartt harness is perfect for your pup!

It has firm-coated insulation that is great for cold climates, keeping your pet warm and comfortable. Plus, it has a custom, durable metal D-ring on both the top and front lead attachments, so you can easily attach them when you are out for a walk or training session.


Material Canvas, Nylon
Color Carhartt Brown 
Size Multiple
Built with comfortable cushioning & duck fabricFitting issues for first-time users
Two leash attachment provides optimum control 
Strongly coated insulation enables your pup to handle cold weather
Adjustable plastic clip for a customized fit

8. PetSafe Adjustable Padded Harness for Basset Hounds

This best no pull harness for basset hound is a great solution for your pup. Designed with your active Basset Hound dog in mind, the PetSafe harness will keep up with them on your next adventure.

Made of durable padded fabric, this harness can withstand daily hikes or jogs. It is padded all the way around to keep your pup comfortable all day.

It is super easy to put on and remove thanks to its elastic neckline design.

Its easy putting-on and taking-off feature makes it the best harness for Basset Hound pups. It simply slides over your pet’s head, flexing around his neck as he moves, providing a comfortable fit.

PetSafe Adjustable Padded Harness

PetSafe Adjustable Padded Harness

Rear-leash attachment points ensure your pup does not trip on his leash when on the move. Fully adjustable for all shapes and sizes with two buckles, this harness is quick and easy to put on and take off.

It has a handle for added safety when needed to control your pup quickly or guide him in the right direction. If you are hiking with your Basset Hound, the handle lets you help him if he needs your assistance.

And if you are out for a walk in the evening, the reflective strip on the harness makes sure cars can see you for extra safety.


Material Nylon
Color Apple Green, Black
Size Multiple
Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting useMay not fit perfectly on other dog breeds 
Adjustable padded harness for a secure fit
Control handle for better control during walks
The vibrant apple-green color enhances its beauty

9. Funfox Adjustable Dog Vest Harness with Reflective Strips

The Funfox dog harness is made of 100% Polyester and Oxford fabric and is durable and waterproof.

It features a lightweight mesh lining, soft padding around the chest and abdomen, and a Zinc alloy ring on both the chest and back to prevent pulling and injury.

The breathable air mesh provides maximum comfort and durability, and the Vertical Top Handle on the back allows for convenient grabbing.

Funfox Adjustable Dog Vest Harness

Funfox Adjustable Dog Vest Harness

Additionally, the Reflective Strips provide excellent visibility in any dark environment, and the vest can easily make the dog a target for search.

This harness is designed to be easy to use, features no pull or solid clips, and four adjustable Straps for full adjustment to create a perfect fit.


Material Polyester
Color Black
Size Multiple
Made of 100% Oxford fabric and Polyester materialSizing issues for some users 
The no-pull design allows you to control your pet efficiently
Easy to use: quick-release mechanism
Four simple adjustment straps allow a customized fit


1. How do I keep my Basset Hound fit?

Unlike other dog breeds, Basset Hounds are less energetic and active. However, they require regular and moderate exercise. It would be best to take them on a daily walk.

2. Can Basset hounds be trained off leash?

It is generally not advisable to walk Basset Hounds off-leash. They are classified as scent hounds, meaning they possess a keen sense of smell and are easily distracted by odors.

3. What size harness for Basset Hound puppy?

The size of your Basset Hound puppy’s harness will depend on his weight and how wide his chest is. Generally, you should go with a harness that is one size bigger than their current measurements. This way, they will have some room to grow with the passage of time.

Concluding Remarks

Selecting the best harness for Basset Hound is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your dog’s safety and comfort on walks and adventures.

We have compiled a list of the top nine harnesses for your pets based on our expertise, product features, and customers’ reviews.

Thanks for reading!

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