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Red Merle Australian Shepherd – Breed Information

The Australian Shepherd, also referred to as Aussies out of love, is an American herding dog breed developed in the United States.

The Australian Shepherd is very popular among the people of North America. Aussies are kept as companion dogs as well as herding dogs. Australian Shepherds come in various colors, including red merle.

Learn all about red merle aussie, their history, grooming needs, and much more in this article.

History Of 

The Australian Shepherd is called Australian Shepherd not because it’s from Australia but because some of its ancestors arrived in Western America from Australia through trade.

In fact, Australian Shepherds have been given more than one name, including Spanish Shepherds, New Mexican Shepherds, Californian Shepherds, Pastor Dogs, and not to forget Bob-Tails.

The Australian Shepherds originate in the northwest region of Spain, especially Asturias. Descendents of the breed arrived in Australia prior to arriving in the U.S.

Australian Shepherds are thought to be descendants of European herding dogs such as the Basque Shepherd Dog, the Pyrenean Sheepdog, the Carea Leonés, and the Border Collies.

The breed developed in the U.S., namely in California, Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho, in the 9th century. Ranchers used Aussies as herding dogs for sheep and cattle.

From California (mainly), the Australian Shepherds spread through the western region of the United States as they gained popularity.

Although Australian Shepherds are excellent at herding animals, they gained popularity not particularly because of their herding abilities but due to their performances in rodeos.

Appearance Of Red merle Australian Shepherd

Australian sheep look exceptionally charming. These gorgeous canines are well-known for their wide variety of colors.

They come in various colors, such as red merle (also called liver), blue merle, solid red and solid black with white or tan markings, or a combination of all of these.

One factor that distinguishes the red merle Australian Shepherd from other Australian Shepherds is their coat color: red merle.

About Red Merle Color

Merle is a color pattern, also known as dapple. It is the irregular color pattern of blotches on the fur of Australian Shepherds and other dogs.

People frequently misinterpret the color red in this context, even though the term “red merle” refers to the irregular red pattern on dogs.

Red, as in red merle, is colloquialism. It is not literary. Red is just used to describe a broad range of reddish colors, which include rusty red, copper red, gingery-brown, lighter golden-red, or sometimes strawberry blonde, and more.

The reason why dogs are often called blue or red is because all the variations of colors develop on the basis of two basic pigments: black and red.

These pigments are eumelanin (black) and phaeomelanin (red). The black one is responsible for darker colors, such as black and various shades of brown, while the red one is responsible for lighter colors, such as red and yellow.

Blue is just a diluted version of black pigment that refers to dogs having grayish, bluish, and silverish colors. So blue merle is just the blue variant of the red merle coat color.

Coat, Height, Weight, Body and Tail

The red merle Australian Shepherd is a medium dog breed with double wavy coats of medium size with thick undercoats and rough topcoats.

Red Aussies can stand up 18–23 inches at withers and weigh up 16–30 kg on average. Female aussies are generally smaller than male aussies.

Red merle Aussies are tough and lean dogs preferred for herding animals. They have strong muscular builds and well-developed chests, which contribute to their agility and overall strength.

One more unique thing about the Australian Shepherd is that they often have bobtails. Though most Aussies are born with long tails, some of them are born with bobtails.


The Red Merle Australian Shepherd is a high-energy dog. They are intelligent, active, and love playing. Aussies are generally easygoing, even with most strangers, and make good pets.

However, all that good-boy behavior does have a price. Red merle Aussies need early socialization. They need exposure to different types of environments at a young age for the proper development of their senses.

The red merle Australian Shepherd is an ideal dog when it comes to going outdoors for activities. They love outdoor adventures and will accompany you with every ounce of their will.

Since they descend from herding dogs, red merle Australian Shepherds have a genetic habit of herding. They tend to herd animals and children, especially smaller ones, to fulfill this habit. Training can help let go of this habit.

Red Aussies are those types of dogs who turn destructive if they are left without any activity. Because their mental stimulation needs are high, Aussies require daily exercise to meet this requirement and stay mentally healthy.

Barking Tendency

Barking is a form of communication among dogs. Sometimes they bark to express themselves; other times they do it to alert their owners to some possible danger.

Red merle Australian Shepherds are alert dogs. So expect them to bark if they sense any danger lurking around. But other than that, they are also decently vocal and prone to excessive barking.

However, proper training and socialization can help prevent excessive barking and make your red merles wonderful dogs to pet.

Behavior with Kids

Young children will need supervision when interacting with red merle Australian Shepherd. Not because Aussies are harmful, but because children behave differently than adults.

Although red merle Aussies are very tolerant of children’s behavior when trained, some supervision is better than none, considering not all dogs are the same.

Generally speaking, dogs can get frightened because of the loud and rough behavior of children. Another reason for supervision is the natural instincts of Aussies to herd.

So it’s best to keep an eye on the children as well as the dog to ensure safety. Other than that, there’s no need to worry.

Red merle Australian Shepherd – Training

Red merle Australian Shepherds have a strong background as working dogs. Even domesticated Aussies need a daily dose of training to maintain their mental and physical selves.

At the same time, training Aussies is easy. Thanks to their intelligence, you just need to be persistent in training them. Another trait that helps train red merles is their adaptability.

A red merle Australian can tolerate harsh conditions outside of the house, such as hot and cold weather. But this tolerance also has a limit to it.

Health Consideration

Every dog breed is vulnerable to some specific or common health problems. Unfortunately, the Australian Shepherd is not an exception. Although most Australian Shepherds are generally healthy, some of them may not be.

Common health concerns include vernacular vision problems, deafness, blindness, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, double merle, developing hip dysplasia, and more.

A professional vet can help diagnose health problems your canine pet might be vulnerable to or going through.

Do Red Merle Australian Shepherd make good pets?

Red merles are gorgeous, intelligent, playful, and just adorable! They possess all the nice traits a dog lover would adore.

But not all individuals and families are the same. Some people may prefer less active dogs, such as the Great Danes husky mix, as compared to red merles, who are relatively more active.

So the answer to the question of whether or not a red merle makes a good pet will vary from household to household.

If you like going outdoors and engaging in activities, a red merle Australian Shepherd might be the kind of companion you’re looking for.


The only difference between a red merle Australian Shepherd and other Australian Shepherds is that of coat color. Other than that, all Aussies almost share the same characteristics.

The red merle Australian Shepherd is a charming and intelligent dog with a wide variety of colors. They have a rich history, originating from the northwest region of Spain and later arriving in Australia before making their way to the United States.

Red merles are known for their unique coat color pattern and their medium-sized, muscular builds. They are high-energy dogs that require early socialization, daily exercise, and mental stimulation.

Red merle Aussies tend to bark and herd naturally, but with proper training and socialization, they can make excellent pets.

Lastly, whether a red merle Australian Shepherd is a good pet depends on the individual household’s preferences and ability to meet their training and exercise needs.

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